CNC Milling & Turning 
Dependable Projection Welding & Spin Riveting

You can rely on Able Production in Redditch, Worcestershire, for all your production needs. We do everything from projection welding to spin riveting. We even offer assembly of your finished parts.


CNC Milling

  • Production Milling

  • Drilling / Tapping

  • Repeatability

         CNC lathe

  • Single Billets or Production

  • Bar Feeder

  • Internal / External Threading

  • 44mm max Bar Diameter

Second-Operation Machining

We have extensive second-operation capabilities. Our services include:

  • Precision Tapping

  • External Threading

  • Drilling

  • Countersinking

  • Linishing

Projection Welding

Join your metal components with reliable projection welds. Our two welders are capable of up to 75 kVA.


Projection Welding, being a modified form of spot welding is very reliable. Raised sections  on both workpieces to be joined, allows the heat to be concentrated at the projections, permitting the welding of heavier sections or the closer spacing of welds. 

Spin Riveting

Few other firms offer this specialised service. We have extensive experience providing spin riveting services for:
• Locks
• Lights

• Earthbars
• Brackets

Assembly Work

At Able Production we do it all. Our skilled workers do everything right up to assembling parts for our clients.

High-Quality Wire Forms, Pressing and Stamping

From raw materials to finished products, we offer quality parts and fast service. Able Production in Redditch, Worcestershire, manufactures wire forms, ferrous pressings, CNC machining and more.

Fully Equipped

With our fully equipped working environment, we meet all your needs. Our power press section has presses ranging from 4t to 100t with die cushions and we offer complete surface finishing, including heat treatment and plating.

Pressings & Stampings

We meet all your pressing requirements, from simple blanking right up to multi-stage progression tools. Non-ferrous materials, such as brass, copper, and aluminium stampings have become a large part of our business in recent years.

Wire Forms

We can create any wire form you need with our two multi-station wire formers and bowers. We bend from 0.5 mm up to 14.0 mm.